New Year Timetable 2022!!

Monday 9.30am Nuffield Health Guildford, 11.30am Putney Clinic (Zoom optional), 1.00pm Battersea Park (Outdoors), 3pm ZOOM Intermediate, 7.00pm ZOOM Advanced

Tuesday 9.30am Nuffield Health Twickenham Tai Chi & Qigong, 12.15pm Silverfit Whitton Tai Chi 1.15pm Silverfit Qigong, 3.15pm DL Hampton, 6.25pm The Hub Hampton

Wednesday 10.00am ZOOM Intermediate, 11.45am DL Woking, 1.30pm DL Kingston and 4pm ZOOM Advanced class 90min

Thursday 8.30am Nuffield Health Sunbury, 12.45pm Nuffield Health Kingston Tai Chi, 1.30pm Nuffield Health Kingston Qigong, 2.30pm DL Hampton, 4pm Hurlingham Club

Friday 9.00am Kew Gardens, 11.00am Tai Chi Esher at Imber Court Pavillion, 12.30pm Silverfit Kingston, 1.45pm Silverfit Beginners, 4pm ZOOM (Advanced class 90 min)

Saturday 10am ZOOM Intermediate Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Qigong workshops also available online and in-person at YMCA Kingston or Imber Court, Esher. Private lessons can be organised too!

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