2018 Workshops

10th March 3.30-5pm Introductory Tai Chi Wellbeing Workshop confirmed by Yogamama Clinic Putney

3.30pm Standing Meditation 8 Postures
3.45 12 Stretch, balance and Tai Chi strengthening exercises
4pm Yang Style Opening Moving Meditation Sequence 12 moves
4.25pm Tea Break
4.35pm 8 Treasure Health Qi Gong Exercises
5pm Finish

25th Feb Long Form and Short Form Workshop at the YMCA Kingston

13.30  Standing Meditation & Warm Up Exercises

14.00 Short Form lessons 4-9 with Alex, Long Form with Michael

14.15 Tea Break

14.25 Posture Various Movements

15.25 Tea Break

15.30 Short form and Long Form Movements and testing

16.30pm Finish

email Cost of workshop £40 in advance and £45 on the day

You can transfer £40 to my account M N Burke 40-47-73 01318152 or pay cash cheque in advance

Otherwise £45 cash/ cheque on the day is great.




16 Responses to Workshops

  1. Wendy Green and Alan Green says:

    Please book Alan and Wendy Green to both workshops on 21st and 28th August.
    I will send payment if £75 each into your bank account.

    See you af thamesclub sunday

  2. Jane Stephenson says:

    I will be attending this Sunday’s workshop Michael and bring a cheque with me then. Looking forward to it!

  3. Jacqui Rozario says:

    Hi Micheal
    I haven’t signed up but I’m wondering can I still attend tomorrow until 3.35 I’m happy to pay on the day

  4. wendy GREEN says:

    Please book Wendy and Alan Green on the 4th december workshop. I will send payment by bank transfer.

  5. Wendy green says:

    What are the dates of the April workshops.

  6. Maureen Barlin says:

    Book me in for 9th April please Michael. Payment made directly into your account. Looking forward to it.

  7. Wendy Green says:

    Hi. Please book Alan and myself onto the workshop 9th April. I will send payment by back.

  8. Wendy Green says:

    Hi. Please book Alan and myself on to the workshop 20th August. I will send payment online.

  9. Jacqui Rozario says:

    Hi Micheal can you book me in on the 26th November please

  10. Wendy Green says:

    Hi Michael. Can you put mine and Alan’s name down for workshop on 25th Feb.

  11. Jane Stephenson says:

    Hi Michael – as discussed earlier, I can now come to the workshop on the 25th. Am transferring the payment into your account. Thanks Jane

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