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Michael featured on the front cover of Master Ding's book 15 Minute Tai Chi

Michael featured on the front cover of Master Ding’s book 15 Minute Tai Chi

Michael has studied Tai Chi since 1999 and Health Qigong since 2014 and has developed a deep understanding of how these traditional Chinese exercises can improve health, happiness and longevity. And, he is a keen Yoga, Wing Chun and an instructor in Paddleboarding.

He has helped change the exercise habits of hundreds of his students by inspiring them to take the right steps to a healthy active lifestyle to help some relieve and prevent physical deterioration and learn to improve mental health issues.

Thousands of students, both young and older, have been guided in a fun and relaxed way to help strengthen awareness of their energy flow, physical body, as well as giving great techniques and proven methods in mindfulness.

So no matter your age or ability you can benefit from Michael’s wealth of experience in health and fitness in a calm and relaxed environment at one of the health centres he works in.


2 Responses to Instructor Bio

  1. S N Oates says:

    Dear Michael,

    I’d like to attend the stained and David Lloyd classes, are they still £10 payg?

    • Hi there,

      Just seen message.

      David Lloyd and Staines are members only but you can probably get a free trial and see if it is worth doing. David Lloyd Kingston is Thursday and Saturday, Staines just Sunday.



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